By Manavi Nag

This Friday, the 21st of October, the entire MYP and DP celebrated Diwali in school. Dressed in tremendous traditional attire, the atmosphere in the upper MYP and DP building was buzzing with anticipation for the day and the coming Diwali Break. Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is a Hindu festival originating in India but celebrated across the world. It celebrates the conquest of good over evil symbolizing Lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya after a 14-year exile in Indian mythology. 

The Upper MYP and DP celebrated Diwali in school through a huge traditional food potluck. The potluck, courtesy of the Grade 10 parents, celebrated different regional foods across India and was a delicious treat to students and teachers alike. From biryani to dal, to many types of roti to traditional mithai (sweets), the potluck feast left students feeling content and fulfilled. Tara Hebbar from the 11th Grade said that “The potluck was the highlight of my day, to try so many delicious foods and celebrate Diwali with all my friends through a spread like that, it was really fun and special.” To finish off the day the MYP and DP were also treated to golas of all kinds of flavors.

After over 2 years of not being able to celebrate Diwali to its fullest as a result of COVID, coming together in the spirit of one of India’s biggest festivals and immersing ourselves in that culture, was a uniting experience for the entire student body. Below you can see some pictures from the day!

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