by Aryana Ahuja

Grade 5 is edging closer to the final project of the year, the exhibition. In the exhibition students create an entire unit, all the way from the TD theme to the key concepts, and everything in between. They take topics that they are interested in and want to become experts about and create a project representing their ideas and research to present to parents and fellow students.

Here are some interviews from grade 5 students talking about what their process looks like and how it’s going.

What does the exhibition process look like?

The Exhibition process is normally: It starts with you picking your passions, and turning it into a unit of inquiry, with the TD theme, lines of inquiry, etc. We do some research and think about an action piece. Then you must do lots and lots of research if you want to have a good action. It’s about learning different skills like time management and presentation skills. It’s very structured and helps me keep my work organized.

What does exhibition mean to you?

To me, Exhibition means a time where you can display all your learning throughout the year through one of your passions, and contribute to the world with your solution. It’s a fun passion project where you and your peers can grow as learners, it means finding information about a certain topic and displaying that information and research to people. Exhibition uses all my skills and talents. It especially uses my research skills and creativity. Exhibition has helped me organize my work and think outside the box.

Tell me a little about your topic…

Zidaan Asrani – 

 My topic is how advances in war technology (negatively) impact environmental and human health. I am focusing on military technology (things like bombs and tanks) as they are the most destructive for the world. 

Ameira Ramachandra-

My topic is stray dogs and I’m making an awareness website. I chose stray dogs because I adopted a stray dog and I think people should know what they go through.

Advika Maheshwary –

My topic is ‘Performing arts can influence social and environmental change’. It is about Theatre, Dance and Music creating awareness and influencing social and environmental change such as racism, water conservation, gender inequality, etc.

Vihaa Rajgarhia – 

My topic is about children and how they do not have access to any education.

 How is exhibition going?

Zidaan Asrani – 

My Exhibition is going decently, as I am trying to manage my time as best as I can

Ameira Ramachandra – 

Exhibition is going good.. Right now I’m almost done with my website and starting to make some posters. I think I’m good 🙂

Advika Maheshwary – 

 I am sticking to my timeline and it is helping. I am making some elements at home also so that I don’t have to make it all at school. I am getting the content at home and putting it together at school.

Vihaa Rajgarhia – 

My exhibition is going well. I think I have created a pretty good timeline and I am using my time wisely.

What is something you want people to know about your topic?

Zidaan Asrani – Something I want people to know about Exhibition: time management is very important, and you will need to use it to get everything prepared by the deadline of Exhibition. About my topic: I want the people who actually contribute to this to be a bit more aware so that this doesn’t happen

Ameira Ramachandra – 

I want people to know what Stray Dogs go through and what they can do to help.

Advika Maheshwary –

Many people underestimate the power of performing arts. Performing arts is a topic which I am really passionate about and it is really close to me. There are many examples of performing artists creating awareness about any social or environmental change.

Vihaa Rajgarhia – 

Something I want people to know is that by April 2020 around 1.4 billion students were shut out of their schools. I also want people to know how big of an issue this is.

And finally, What are some challenges you are facing?

Zidaan Asrani – 

I sometimes cannot find sources for research questions, though mostly there are at least a few.”

Ameira Ramachandra –

I am right now kinda worrying about what my project and action piece is about because im looking at others and wondering if i should do something else.

Advika Maheshwary

One challenge I am facing is to make stuff for my diorama at home when I don’t have my diorama with me all the time to see the size. Another challenge I am facing is to do many things at once since I am doing a lot of elements.

Vihaa Rajgarhia – 

I am struggling a little with building the format of my website and getting a lot of research done.

The exhibition is important for students so that once entering MYP they understand the system. Exhibition readies them for what grade 6 has to offer and the assignments they should expect ahead. So excited to see the final outcome of these creative and impactful projects and congratulations on doing so well so far!

Aryana is very creative and loves photography, she is a passionate chef and baker. She spends her time working with friends on making new recipes. Writing is something she doesn't usually share with other people, but is excited for this all the same. She would like to discover the idea of student interviewing and would like to experiment with insider views on topics from her committee


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