Recently, Grade 7 had an on-campus day at school! The event was on the lawn, where  there were three tents and three activities; physical education, science, and language & literature. We were divided into groups where we rotated from activity to activity. In this article we have four 7th graders who will be sharing their insights with us, on this now-a-days rare event!

When we were at the physical education station, we exercised and did different physical exercise challenges! This ranged from cardio exercises, to core strength tests, to agility drills, all testing how much we actually exercised during lockdown. During the science activity we learned how to practically reflect light through lasers and mirrors, and a chart. Finally, at the language & literature stall we enacted a scene from our lit circle books! All of this was done regarding the COVID-19 safety protocols of wearing a mask, and regular sanitation. In this article we are going to look at what students thought of the on-campus day! 

Meera Somaiya, from grade 7A says “It was okay. There were some people who didn’t understand social distancing so I had to stay a bit away from them, it was hard though.” Meera also comments on the activities saying they were really fun, “I got to experience real school again even if it was like a lens fair.” Meera said in reference to lens fair, an annual event, where students and teachers alike display their learning. Expressing delight to see the teachers again in person, Meera says “I think I want another on-campus day and I want the school to start when I become vaccinated or my parents to be vaccinated. I’m still unsure and uncomfortable around some people.” 

Arvid Bhatiya, from grade 7B was also an interviewee. Arvid’s opinion on the event was that it was pretty fun and that it was nice to see most of the people. He added, “I also think they did the best they could with the day considering the limitations.” Additionally, Arvid comments on the groups saying that “The only thing I think made it a bit less exciting was that I didn’t really get to see most of the people while I was there, as we were separated into 3 different groups, but I understand why they had to do that, and again I had already seen most of the people there, so I didn’t really care.” Arvid in conclusion said that he did enjoy the activities, and thought it would be cool to do another on-campus day! 

Shiv Doongursee, from grade 7A comments “I think it was really fun but I think the teachers should have made us be more productive, like learn things which would be hard to learn online. The only thing I really learnt was the science stall about reflecting lights.” Shiv pointed out an interesting view, it would have been good to learn things that were harder to learn online since a lot of people were so hyped about school! He also said that he had fun seeing friends and teachers. He also adds on, “I want school to start, some people don’t but I think we hardly learn things online and in real school you remember things better.” 

Last but not least, Xai Sarkari from grade 7B says “It was great to see my friends and teachers, and fun to do an actual school day. Just being in the building was great!” However, she adds “I feel like they could have given us just like half an hour after activities to just hang out with our friends in the lawn, provided we followed COVID rules!” Xai said that she really enjoyed the activities, but wished we had more activities! Also hoping that we could have picked out our own groups, rather than having them picked out for us. She concludes by saying, “I wish we had more time with each other because I only got to spend time with the people in my group, that too whilst being rushed from activity to activity! Just wish we got to really meet everyone! I learnt that I think we are all ready to follow safety regulations just so school can open!” Concluding her view on the event, Xai really wants school to start, just things like hanging in the common space, having a locker, and eating in the cafeteria together are things she, and alike a lot of people miss. 

Weighing the pros and cons of this event based on the students’ opinions, it seems as if a lot of students enjoyed the event, but would have preferred some individual time with their friends too! 

In conclusion, the event was amazing, and a lot of people just wanted more of it! Thank you to all of the teachers who put in hard work to make this event possible, and to all the interviewees for taking time out for this interview! 

A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School