This was made before the quarantine started.

We are more than 6 months into school. Everyone agrees school this far has been amazing, even the people who hate school – believe it or not. We decided to interview a few people from each grade and ask them ‘what is something you’ve learnt this academic year?’ or ‘what’s some advice you would give people?’  Almost everyone had something to say. 

Jeongwon Choi from 6th Grade said she’s learned a lot of Spanish and really enjoys it. As for Lakshya Agarwal (also from 6th grade), he said he’s learnt how to make a circuit and is certainly very good at it (he won the $M check at the 6th Grade Shark Tank.) Anya from grade 6 says; she’s learnt the importance of research and keeping things organized. Like, keep track of all HW. 

“I really like the precautions they are taking with the whole coronavirus is going on but I feel like in some unit the time management is not as good and it is hard to keep up sometimes. I love the method the teachers are taking to teach about different units. Socially I feel like there are a lot of ups and downs but overall school is going great!” Said an anonymous student from the seventh grade. 

“School can be really fun and we learn so much.  Sometimes I feel like school can be slightly overwhelming because we have so many summatives in every single subject along with extracurricular activities it can be a little hard to manage all of it at once.” Says Kavya Hebbar, a new seventh grade student who joined at the beginning of this academic year. “Something I feel like balances this out is the freedom we have in school, we have the choice to do things which I think is really what makes Ascend special. We also get a lot of opportunities which expand our learning and really deepen our school experience,” she said. 

Diya Barmecha from 8th Grade said she learnt to have a voice of her own by protesting (The AIS MYP Greta Thunberg inspired protest.) Next up, Tara Hebbar said she learnt trigonometry. 

Rishi from 9th grade stated that he learnt Research Skills, it can be really helpful for people’s careers. Arthur also from Grade 9 said he learnt how to trust people. It will be very helpful when working in teams. 

Siya from tenth grade advised young prodigies to start making their college resumes from 6th grade!!! As for Mihika she put in a very philosophical point, “One bad test does not define your career.” Our last Interviewee Aaryan Gondal said he learnt time management skills which can be a very valid skill to use as you go forth – in any forte.

This year, so many people from all the grades have learnt and done some mindblowing things this academic year. Our teachers have taught us so much and have really expanded our learning experience! Thank you so much to all interviewees, teachers, staff and admin for this amazing experience you’ve put together for all of us. We really appreciate it!

A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School