by Aahana Khemani, Pritha Nag and Ishita Ambekar

On 25th January 2020, Ascend’s seventh annual sports day was held. Sports day has been a tradition that Ascend has held for years. This year was different though. It was the first time the middle school ever experienced sports day outside of school. It was held at the Somaiya Ground, and was definitely an unforgettable experience! It was very competitive, and very tiring nonetheless everybody had such a great time. We decided to further analyze sports day, and collect opinions and observations about the pros and cons.

It was such a well-organized event! Although held outside, in terms of food, sport and track it was definitely very well planned. There were several different places as the ground was absolutely enormous! There was a basketball court, throwball court, running track and a football field. Having so many different courts and places to play, it made it even more memorable and boosted even more school spirit. 

This year a new element was incorporated and that was teams! This year we had four different teams. (Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.) These teams had been a mixture of two different advisories put together. To get a bonus 10 points the teams all had to come in their team colour, and for showing sportsmanship you would get a bonus fifteen points.  We all had team leaders that were teachers, and they were very encouraging. Keeping us encouraged at all times, and making sure that we kept hydrated and well. They cheered us on and kept us going through the entire day. Teams were very fun as they had added some competition and made sports day more fun. he teachers kept us encouraged it was a great time.

Although, there were a few aspects that could’ve been improved. For instance, the time gap between races. A handful of students were running back to back races. Aahana Khemani from the 6th grade was one of the students: “My races were back to back 200m run, 400m run, 200m final run, 400m final run and then the sports and relays (both junior and senior category) so I was exhausted and ended up losing stamina in the finals for 200m and 400m.” This was definitely an aspect that could be improved. Losing stamina also really affected the runner’s attitude and mentality. Spacing out the races, and even the team sports, could have helped students sustain stamina and also made it fairer, especially for the junior runners, running in place of the senior runners. 

Along with having good, and fun teams, there was an argument over them. Several claimed that unfair teams had been picked and that the yellow team was the over-dominant team, and set to win. Winning basketball, multiple single races and relays girl and boys the yellow team took the win! Each and every one of them was extremely talented when it comes to sports! That was not intentional, but the teams were unfair, whether or not you were in the winning team.

We had interviews with some 7th graders about their point of view. “We were part of the green team, we think that the teams were unfair as the yellow team had many strong athletes. We got put into our advisories, which was great for some things but not so much for sports day. We feel like we would have enjoyed sports day more if the teams were more fair.” Each team had great potential, along with great people, but some overpowered the others, making sports day not as memorable as it could have been. 

With having teams, we had a new element. Team sports! There were three different team sports, basketball, football and throwball. Each student had to sign up for one of the team sports. All three of the team sports went on simultaneously, and it was a lot of fun! Each win would count towards the grand total of points. There were referees to make sure each sport was played fair, and there were two rounds. Two teams would play the sport, whichever team won would go to the final and the losing team would be knocked off. The next two teams would do the same, and the winning team would go to the finals. 

So, as happening as sports day was, things could’ve have been improved. But it was still great fun!We hope next year sports day will be even more memorable, these few cons can be solved! Thank you to all the teachers, students and staff who helped! 

A collection of stories written by the students of Ascend International School!