By Rishi Tekchandani

I am new to Ascend International and I just started studying in this school, since the start of this academic year. I was previously at an ICSE school. I’d been at my old school since pre-nursery and that made shifting to a new school really difficult. I really love my old school and had lots of friends there, and amazing teachers, but it just wasn’t right for me. My old school had two really compact buildings and not a lot of space. So, coming to Ascend was a drastic change for me. The IB is really different and there’s more to studies than just by-hearting answers. Everything is done in a completely different manner. 

Ascend has been one of the best things in my life. I’ve made some really good friends, teachers are outstanding, communication-oriented and helpful. The school has many facilities and amenities, and most of all a very diverse culture.

Ascend has really taught me to come out of my comfort zone. I’ve become much more responsible and mature as a student and person.

Since we’re such a small school, Ascend has really made me realise that it’s not always about the number of friends you have, but also about the quality of friends you have. And since my very first day, everyone has been nothing but welcoming to me. 

Learning about new things at Ascend has been so much fun. We’re taught everything in a different and more project-based way. We have several different activities, games and learning methods. Our school encourages us to participate in all competitions, and mix with others. 

I really love how we have advisory groups and we get to bond with students outside our class. The small MYP talent shows are so nice and delightful. Like our advisory talent show that we had where all MYP students came together and displayed their flairs. It shows us how even for the smallest things all the students at Ascend. put in so much effort for creating a fun and friendly environment.

Ascend has so many special things to it. We have student-led clubs every week. I think it’s so amazing how the students at Ascend work so hard to do things for their peers. This shows our respect for each other. Bullying is not an option at Ascend. Everyone is treated with love and respect, and that’s what I love! Everyone’s opinion matters here at Ascend. The newspaper club is a great way for us students to voice our opinions and improve our writing skills. We also have a Student Council, where three students from each grade of the MYP are voted, and elected by the students to make the MYP better. These fifteen students strive each day to make our school an even better place for us to learn, grow and enjoy. Ascend International School has created a great platform for students to improve the school to something they are proud to call their second home. 

Overall, I personally think that Ascend International is one of the best schools for a child to get their education, it’s truly a nurturing place for everyone. It teaches you things that you would remember throughout your life and helps you create some unforgettable memories. Although I’ve been here only for a month, it’s like I’ve been here forever because of the great treatment and goodwill I’ve received from everyone!      

Rishi is a hardworking student, who is very passionate about . the newspaper club. He strives everyday for student's voices to be heard. He is . in the student council and hopes to read more this year