By Akshat Ambekar

Nintendo’s newest IP, Splatoon 3, is in its third iteration and is breaking records. Nintendo’s response to the COD, Fortnite, and PUBG genres is the Splatoon series. However, the game emphasizes movement rather than killing, allowing it to stand out and maintain its family-friendly nature like most Nintendo games.

The first game was launched in 2015 to critical acclaim on the WiiU:

Overall, Splatoon makes for an amazing online game, likely the most engaging online experience Nintendo has ever made.” – Metacritic 

The second, in 2017 to positive reviews on the Nintendo Switch: 

Splatoon 2 takes what was great from the original game and improves every aspect, every detail of the experience. It’s a fun and compelling product, a true Nintendo game.” – Metacritic

The third released on the 9th of september 2022 to major success on the Switch. Splatoon has grown to be the most popular online multiplayer game in Japan, even if few people in the west may be interested in or even know about it.

Splatoon 3 sales at launch surpassed Breath of the Wild, the original Mario games, and even Pokemon, the biggest multimedia franchise in the world, in Japan after just 3 days, selling over 3.5 million copies and becoming the fastest-selling game in Japanese history. This is a huge development, because not only is splatoon as a franchise just 7 years old, but it doesn’t have revolutionary improvements like BoTW or SM64. It shows that games don’t have to be incredibly innovative, that sometimes it’s okay for games to be more of the same, which is something a lot of people have forgotten.

Games for a long time have been ostracized for being the same thing over and over, and while some game series fall victim to that, there is still benefit in giving us more of what we love. Nintendoomers, as they’ve come to be known, have been talking about how “the game added nothing new” and how “it didn’t need to exist”. But despite the amount of evidence to prove that wrong, the game still sold, and it was still loved. 

Revolutionary games often fly off the shelves at launch, but that doesn’t mean a game has to be revolutionary to be good. If a game as “formulaic” as the splatoon series can sell, then why can’t other games. Splatoon is a scant 7 years old, and it shows Nintendo isn’t running out of ideas.

The western half of the world’s sales haven’t been officially reported, but once they do, they’ll be on par with those in the eastern half. With the announcement of Tears of the Kingdom, many fans are labeling this a short-term success, making it uncertain whether this will still be the case in the upcoming years. Even though it is only temporary, this nonetheless demonstrates Nintendo’s capabilities and the reasons they are the market leader in the video game sector.

Akshat Ambekar is a person who loves to play music, video games and read. He likes to talk about many different topics like science, geography, and geopolitics. He likes to swim however isn't that good at it but it is his only real sport hobby.