by Tanvi Mittal

On the twentieth of July 1969, Neil Amstrong landed on the moon. Or did he? 

Recently there have been conspiracy theories saying that the whole thing was a big hoax. There is no way anything can be proven but there might be a second side to this big story. Conspiracists have come up with the countless amount of reasons, but what makes people think about this?

 In 1961 there was the cold war going on that was between Russia and America. One of the best ways to win was by winning the space race. After Russia made a satellite which worked, Kennedy who was America’s president at the time, wanted to balance things out. John F. Kennedy realized this he made a huge bid that America would get to the moon. And not only that, they would accomplish it in the same decade itself. In 1969, the rocket was all set and ready to go to the moon. Soon the landing would be watched live by millions on TV. 

Marcus Allan who is the head of the Nexus Magazine was one of the millions of people who watched the landing live on TV. At the time, he thought it was a magnificent experience for all the astronauts. The older he became the more he realized that these days technology can do anything. He got more suspicious until finally,  he was set on the idea that it was all fake. According to him and many others, it was the most elaborately made conspiracy theories ever. From the way, the flag on TVmoved to the little glitches in NASA’s plan; it all just seemed a little suspicious. 

Self-styled filmmaker Bart Subre went to visit Neil Armstrong himself. He asked him straight and directly to swear on the Bible that he walked on the moon. He refused without a second thought. “Get the hell out of here,” he says. He says that unless they are caught, people will keep doing things like this. On top of that Subre claims, he has evidence that the whole moon landings were 100% fake and taken here on a tv studio. After a few years, he found a sign somewhere that said: “This film of the apollo mission was produced as a report film by the Manned Spacecraft centre and this is not for general public distribution. The sign gave him the idea that the project was filmed in a centre here on earth.” To him, it seemed suspicious that they had a film ready that they were not planning to share with the public. 

There were other small pieces of evidence that pointed out the fact that Neil Amstrong did not go to the moon. “The project was going on so quickly, safety was being sacrificed for speed.” Said, Gau Grissom who was a beloved astronaut and the original plan was for him to be the first man to walk on the moon. He was also the most critical astronaut and the most outspoken. When he had a problem, he would tell NASA. He prepared a letter to give to the head and board, to tell them about his concerns of the program falling apart. Nasa ignored his concerns. There was even a picture of him and two of his fellow astronauts praying to a mini space model of the rocket. Before he could do anything else about it though, there was a very tragic accident. In a test run, there was a fire in the cockpit and he and two of his other colleagues died. 

Bart Sibrel thinks it was no accident that the most outspoken astronaut was killed before the launch. He thought that being such a complainer if NASA asked him to fake the landing, he would call the media and not cooperate. In fact, just days before he died, he had a press conference without NASA’s permission. It is not confirmed what he talked about during the conference. The fact that he did it without NASA’s permission seems odd. He hung a lemon in one of the rockets which was American slang for a broken piece of junk. It all seems pretty suspicious since they had 20 fails before that they could finally build a rocket that barely worked. When Kennedy made the gamble, NASA couldn’t even build a rocket that got men into the earth’s orbit, let alone reaches the moon. Despite all of that the program continued and just a little bit of time later, Neil Amstrong was on his way to the moon, making space history on television. 

Of course, all of these pieces of evidence can’t be proven to be completely true, but they show that there can always be a second side to the stories that we never doubted. Of course, all of these pieces of evidence can’t be proved to be true, but it shows that there is a second side to all of these stories. The things that Marcus Allan and Bart Subre have said are also part of their opinion, but this shows that it is still a possibility. After all, we cant be sure of anything with all this technology. Nowadays, it’s never about the discovery and science, it’s about being in the spotlight.