by Rishab Ghai

In this article, I am going to be talking about Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfers! Let me tell you about the G.O.A.T. This man started playing in 2003 and is playing to date [2021]!

Now without further ado let’s start with all of his transfers! The golden year, 2003. Ronaldo joined the club Manchester United to kick start his football career. He played there for 6 years. A normal player in 2003, after 6 years one of football’s greatest players. Manchester United used to pay him $14 million just when he was 16 years old. After playing for 6 years in Man Utd, Real Madrid F.C. decided to sign Ronaldo for $35 million. This was one of the best moves Madrid could have done, Ronaldo did everything for them and brought a whole new skill level! Ronaldo had scored 450 goals for Real Madrid. Rephrase? The La Liga top scorer was also Ronaldo! After playing for Real Madrid for 5 years Ronaldo got an invite from the Italian club called Juventus, who signed him for $117.90 million! He played over there for 3 years and scored a total of 234 goals in one term! This time no other team signed him but where he started his career here he might end it there, it was Manchester United F.C. who signed him for $15 million euros!

Now a question I have for you is which team do you think Ronaldo might go next in? Or when will he end his career!

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