by Ayanna Puri

“To run the 26.2-mile marathon in under two hours.” as the goal Eliud Kipchoge had. With a total of eleven gold, four silver, and two bronze medals. Kenya’s long-distance runner, Eliud Kipchoge always felt incomplete without beating his long-time goal along with the world record. He trained for years until the16th of September 2019, when he was able to finish his intention with one minute and eighteen seconds to spare. Elude Kipchoge led his team of eight to victory with their smart tactics and hard work. Eliud and his team sprinted on the streets of Vienna, Austria, ready and determined than ever. Prior to the marathon, Elude Kipchoge stated: “I don’t know where the limits are, but I would like to go there.” And he followed through on his word, he and his team crossed that finish line faster than any team ever recorded in history. 

What was the key to his success? That answer is pretty straightforward. Hard work and determination! He won 12 out of the 13 marathons he entered because of it!

Eliud Kipchoge and his team knew that they had to train hard and eat well. And that it wasn’t going to be easy. Eliud trained for hours on a daily basis, and closer to the competition he trained a lot more. Eliud’s diet contained mostly of plant-based foods, and protein such as cabbage, bread, beans, and eggs. Eliud rarely had any sugar except in tea. He strongly believed that tea would not only make him energetic but also calm him down and help him sleep better. Of course, one can’t become a good runner with simply exercising a lot and eating healthy. The passion has to come from within. He loves and cares about running and has a personal goal to be better and better. In order to become the runner that he is today, it is all driven a lot by determination. Eliud Kipchoge wanted no limitation. He knew no limitations

“Give up” was not a word in Eliud Kipchoge dictionary. He tried to succeed in this 26.2-mile marathon multiple time but he never gave up until he finally succeeded. Which shows his passion, and how he is driven. Each time Eliud went into the competition he became more and more determined, better trained and more aware of his weaknesses. He was warned by many to quit this competition and to give up because no one believed he would “achieve his goal”, he refused. He never gives up.  

“Strategy is a pattern in a stream of decision.” 

Eliud Kipchoge

One of the main strategies that Eliud Kipchoge used is to have a tested and perfected formation that improve their success rate. The formation went four men in the front “to keep the pace”, then one person in the middle “the captain” than two men at the back“, to make sure that the team doesn’t drag.” Because of Eliud and his team’s smart planning, they were able to run to their strengths and weaknesses. Other strategies include small gestures such as having enough energy pills and having them every half an hour or so, or wearing the right shoes depending from runner to a runner and alternating the pacers. We should all strive to be more like Eliud Kipchoge. His determination and passion set him apart from the rest. His love for running made him that athlete that he is today. His unawareness of limitation got him all the fame he has. And his personality to never give up made him, the world’s new star athlete Eliud Kipochoge.