By Tara Hebbar

Although the teams were unexpected, the final was a thrilling one. With a full MCG stadium, the fans eagerly awaited yet another t20 world cup final where the result would be unclear until the last ball was bowled. Although this is not what they received, the final was one that would be remembered by both english and pakistani fans forever. 

After an incredible comeback from a rocky group stage, Pakistan miraculously found themselves in the finals of the world cup, against all odds. England were favorites from the beginning, so them winning the world cup was no surprise, however, deep down, everyone was disappointed that the Pakistan miracle run didn’t end with a win.

England began their second innings in a position to win, and in the end did win by 5 wickets and 6 balls remaining. Pakistan, however, were not to be counted out and made quite the impression and almost miraculous come back in the intermediate stages of the match. With a turnaround on the sticky Melbourne pitches, they were about to change the fate of the game before their best bowler, Shaheen Shah Afridi was pulled out of the game due to an injury. England’s batter, Ben Stokes used this as a means of pulling the game back to England and converting it into another World Cup win. 

This t20 world cup was the last of the ones following this current format, with the new one in 2024 adopting a brand new format. This new world cup, where England will be the defending champions, will be held in the West Indies, which means that the West Indies, who didn’t qualify this year, will automatically get a spot. Will England defend their title, or will 2 years change everything?

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