By Aarav Chokhani and Nihal Swadi

With the ongoing global pandemic, sports fans all across the world will be relieved to know that, most if not all sports from around the world are beginning to resume again.  The coronavirus still continues to affect millions around us, so the resumption of various sporting activities now come with various health and safety regulations.They use precautions such as, when coming to the field you should be wearing a mask, so the spread of the virus slows down! It is necessary that you bring your own equipment. All managers/ coaches have to wear masks at all times. 

Football- When you play football you need to come wearing a mask and leave wearing a mask. You do not need to wear a mask because as the conversation rightly said, wearing a mask while exercising/playing sports can be injurious to your health.  All managers and coaches should be wearing a mask at all times for the players precaution. Clubs at their own will, make the necessary safety precaution for the team, players and coaches. If they need to fly somewhere else they should be using their own jet and not flying commercially. Also there are various protocols during the match, like when the substitutes are sitting the need to sit 6 feet away.  

Basketball/NBA- All NBA players and Staffers have been asked to take extensive COVID tests and take safety precautions when on the court and while interacting with each other. Anyone on the court must wear a mask while talking to each other and they do not have to wear a mask while playing as it is unsafe and could damage health. Players do not have to start playing and participate in the restarting events, It is the player’s choice on when and if they want to resume playing.

Tennis-Just like the rules seen in football and basketball , the players need to to come wearing a mask and leave wearing a mask. In this case they also don’t have to wear a mask because they won’t be able to breathe properly and that can kill you! But while talking to the reporters and other players masks need to be worn. Normally once a game comes to an end, players find themselves shaking hands with one another as a sign of respect and appreciation for their fantastic performances, but this has to be avoided now.They needed a solution so they decided to touch tennis rackets together as a sign of good game or well played! Also in tennis the ball boys and girls have to wear a mask. When you interact with physio you need to wear masks but you don’t need to do social distancing.  

Golf– In golf The players do not need to wear a mask as they are not in close contact and there are no ball boys and golf carts to get you to the court and back. You have to social distance while playing and make sure you are 6 feet apart from the other people on the course and that you wear masks while moving around and interacting with people.

Cricket- The Indian cricket team has decided that a pool of 30 cricketers are going to stay together in an apartment for the match against West Indies and then Pakistan. As for the Indian Premier league (IPL) will be starting on 19th September in Dubai. The players can’t leave until the season is over. 

Baseball-In baseball the players and coaches get tested for the coronavirus every other day. All players will get wet rags to wipe their faces and body. There will be masks worn while they are interacting with judges and people and no public transportation to the match and back.

A collection of articles by the students of Ascend International School