By Yohaan Dalal

Hey, guys yohaan here and we’re gonna talk about the money taboo. It is something derived from the united kingdom. As kids, many Americans are taught that it’s rude to talk about money. This includes family and close friends. people talk more openly about addictions than they do money and they avoid the subject of money without getting a reason. People with colour are less likely to have a taboo compared to white people because the difference of wealth between a white person and an African American is 10 to 1. Money causes a reduction in knowledge for the younger generation to know about money. Money is used to measure power and status and this cause most people to resent being judged based on money this is mostly when we compare to people who appear richer. A lot of people believe is the root of all evil and even during a financial crisis in the USA where financial literacy is at an all-time low. Half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck because they never learned to save money or how to invest money and build a portfolio now lets hear it from our interviews: 

Yohaan: hi. 

Shreyan: hi. 

Yohaan: so shreyan do you think kids need to know about money.

Shreyan: Yes because when you grow you still need to work on it and the money helps because my parents dont let me spend too much money because it helps me save and keep organized and not spend too much or see if I am overspending. 

Yohaan: Do you think kids should know how money works. 

Shreyan: yes they should because when they grow up they should know how to spend money and how they have to keep the money to pay taxes. 

Yohaan: do you know why adults think it’s rude to talk about money about how much they make Shreyan: I am quite surprised with that because I generally feel that not when you are very young it’s fine but by the time you are 12/13 you should start learning about money and how it works. 

Yohaan: Hi Arjun. 

Arjun: Hi. 

Yohaan: So Arjun do you think people should tell the kids how money works. Arjun: Yes definitely kids need to learn about money so that they can know how to manage the money. 

Yohaan Do you think parents should tell their kids how much money they make. Arjun: Yes I think they should tell them. 

Yohaan: Do your parents talk to you about money. 

Arjun: Yes they do tell me but not always but whenever I ask they do tell me. Yohaan: Do you know why some people might think it’s rude to talk about money to their child Arjun: Parents might not tell their kids how much they make because they think their kids, will go talk to other people and tell them how much money their parents make. 

Yohaan: Do you think all children know about it 

Arjun: Yes I think all children should know about how money works but at the right age like 12-13.

Yohaan: Thank you do you have anything else to say. 

Arjun: I feel like they should also teach you how to manage money 

Yohaan: Do you think they should show you how to pay taxes. 

Arjun: Yes but that’s something in the future at like 15 or something. 

Yohaan: Hi. 

Vir: Hi. 

Yohaan: Do your parents work in the finance department? 

vir: My father does he is a real estate agent and my mother does fitness. Yohaan: Ok. 

Yohaan: Vir so do you think kids should learn how money works? 

Vir: They dont say it himself but if I ask they do tell me. 

Yohaan: Do you know why parents might think it’s rude to talk about money? Vir: My parents have not said anything like that to me. 

Yohaan: Ok And do you think it would be helpful for more people to learn about money? Vir: Of course I think it would be more helpful because money is not spoken of enough. 

Inconclusition I hope that you have learned something and you would teach your kid about money and would be more open about how money works and how much money you make and not judge people for it. And thank you for your time signing out and peace yohaan. 

*door closes*

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