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The Comeback


By Shreyan Gorantala

On Thursday, the 26th of January, the Los Angeles Clippers and Washington Wizards faced off in the Capital One Arena (Washington Wizards stadium). With both teams struggling to find a win, with their star players missing, this game would end the team’s losing streak. But whose? With the Clippers missing their two-star performers, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George, they were considered the underdogs. With the game hosted in Washington, the Wizards had a slight advantage going into the game. 

At 5:30 am, the referee blew the whistle, and the game began. Washington came in focused, sinking every shot and dominating in their home. The Clippers tried to get back in the game, but the Wizards would immediately respond and keep their lead. By the end of the first 12 minutes of play, Washington had managed a 9 point lead against the Clippers. For Washington, Kyle Kuzma (traded in start of 2021-2022 season from Los Angeles Lakers) contributed to the 32 first quarter points, along with their star player Bradley Beal. 

Things were in favour of the Wizards, and the Clippers fans hoped to see a change in the second quarter, but they witnessed a relapse of the first quarter. Washington were motivated by the crowd and their first-quarter performance, they came in hot and this time controlled the court, both offensively and defensively. The Clippers were in shock, as the Wizards were even better in the second 12 minutes, with the away team managing only 13 points in the second quarter, which was almost half the points scored in the first quarter. This just showed the confidence and determination the Wizards had to come into this game. The Wizards secured a comfortable 30 points at the end of the first half, scoring 34 points in the second quarter. 

With the game halfway through, the teams had a fifteen-minute break, before starting the second half. Tyronne Lou, the coach of the Clippers, was furious and yelled at the players. He was also shocked by the team’s performance. He stressed the fact that the team did not coordinate and play the way Washington wanted instead of the way the Clippers wanted the game to be played out as.  

The second half began, and now the Clippers needed a miracle to get back into this game, or even come close to winning. The Wizards were still informed, making a quick 5 points while the Clippers struggled to even get 1 point. It was a 35 point game, and the Clipper’s fans lost hope, but not the team. With the determination and heart to win the game, the Clippers fought against all odds to reduce the point deficit to a 17 point game, by scoring 40 points. The Wizards were shaken with the Clipper’s response and the rhythm had gone, and this was the only opportunity for the Clippers to get back in the game. 

With the final 12 minutes of play underway, the Clippers continued where they left off in the third quarter, dominating 11 minutes, and reduced the game to just 6 points with 18 seconds left to play. Tyronne Lou motivated the team and made Luke Kennard, a three-point specialist, step into the court. With the trust from Ty Lou (nickname for Tyronne Lou), Luke Kennard hit a deep three to make it a 3 point gap. The pressure got to the Wizards, with them committing a 5 – the second foul, which is a foul where you don’t inbound the ball for 5 seconds. The Clippers called their last timeout to draw up their final play. The ball went to Luke Kennard, and with him hitting two threes in a row, he continued his streak with another three, as well as getting a free throw for a foul committed to him. The pressure did not affect the player, as for the first time in the game, the Clippers took a one-point lead, with 0.5 seconds left to go. That was the last basket, with the Clippers edging a miraculous 35-point comeback win, with a score of 116 – 117. 

In the end, when interviewed Luke Kennard stated that the team never lost hope and that Ty Lou helped them concentrate and keep their minds solely focused on the game. Kennard was also excited with the result of his clutch points to win them the game. 

Remembering Greatness

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by Arnav Gorantala

If you were to ask a basketball analyst about the 5 best players of all time, nine times out of ten you wouldn’t hear the name ‘Kobe’. Yet, when we measure the greatness of Kobe Bryant, against those who fall on this list, it is a landslide in favor of Kobe. 

So why is this? Why is Kobe Bryant known as a global icon over the likes of better players such as Kareem? 

Simply put,  in a search for the best player of all time, we fail to understand the most important factor in an athlete’s journey — impact. Kobe’s  impact was on the same lines asMichael Jordan, and Lebron James. When we hear stories about him, we sit in awe of the things he has achieved. Most of all, he showed us what it took to be great. He showed us the road map to achieving success. 

‘The Mamba Mentality: How I play”, authored by Kobe himself, showed us the extent to which Kobe would go in order to reach his goal as a competitor. A portrayal of this was his dedication and love for his fans. His wife, Vannessa Bryant spoke on Kobe’s drive to play even despite  injuries, so that he wouldn’t disappoint his fans. “What about the fans, who saved up to watch me play just once?” Kobe had once said. This book showed us the five pillars of Kobe’s success, the pillars of the Mamba Mentality –passion, obsession, relentlessness, resiliency, and fearlessness. 

Kobe’s impact originated in just basketball, and slowly expanded to various other, if not all sports. The loss of Kobe ripped a hole in sports on a global level, that changed the approach athletes had towards sport. Tributes to Kobe extended from basketball greats like Kevin Durant to football stars like Neymar. The horrific loss brought unity across the sports industry. 

With the second anniversary of the tragedy just having passed, we remember what Kobe did for all of us. Kobe showed me what it looked like to love something so unconditionally. Like a million other fans, Kobe Bryant made me fall in love with the game of basketball. Yes, he played the game at the highest level, yes, he won 5 championships, but it all stemmed from his love for the game. In his aim to win trophies, he won over something much more valuable –the hearts of all basketball fans.

No”vax” Djokovic

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by Tara Hebbar

World no. 1, winner of 20 Grand Slams, arguably the ‘GOAT’ (Greatest of all Time) of the game, Novak Djokovic, has recently found himself in the news for feats other than his tennis accolades. Just like the COVID-19 and it’s wave of unexpected variance, the Novak Djokovic and Australian Open case, has also been full of unexpected developments and harsh back and forths. Amidst all the debate about vaccine regulations and the obligation of sports people to be vaccinated – the facts can often be lost or overlooked. 

So what happened to Novak Djokovic, and why is he no longer playing the Australian Open – where his odds were high, and a win would take him one grand slam ahead of his duo of competitors. The saga surrounding Novak Djockovic and his participation in the Australian Open was temporarily closed after he left Australia, losing his  judicial review against the cancellation of his visa. In his wake, he has left protests, arguing both sides of the story. However, how and when did this vaccine debacle start and what does it say for the future of tennis, sport and the Tennis Champion himself?

The basic timeline goes like this.. Prior to the release of the vaccine, Novak Djokovic said he was “opposed to vaccination”. Later, he clarified that he was “not an expert”, and he was willing to maintain an “open mind” but he wanted to “have an option to choose what’s best for his body”.  Additionally, during a FaceBook live, he said he “wouldn’t be forced by someone to take a vaccine” just in order to participate in tournaments or travel.  Based on this, he chose not to take the vaccine and remain unvaccinated. Although he has not released his current vaccination status, his comments and actions have made it fairly clear that he has not been vaccinated. 

On 16th December of 2021, In his home-nation of Serbia, Djokovic took the PCR test, which on the 17th, came back positive. Following a quarantine procedure, he tests negative for the virus on the 22nd. On the 30th of the month, the tennis player receives an exemption from the Australian Open board to play at the grand slam without receiving the vaccine. Following this, on the 5th of January, 2022, he arrived in Melbourne, Australia.  Almost immediately, his visa was revoked, and he was placed in Park Hotel, which was also used as a detention center for refugees. Lawyers immediately began preparing a case in an attempt to overturn their  ‘Under current Australian law, all international travelers entering the country must be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, unless they have received medical exemption. Meanwhile, Djokovic claimed that he had been granted exemption by independent counsels associated with both the Victorian state government and Tennis Australia, due to his recent infection from the virus. In response to this, the Federal government states that recent infection from the virus was not considered a valid reason for exemption. On Monday of the next week, Judge Anthony Kelly said that the border officials had been unreasonable in making the decision to cancel Djokovic’s visa and ordered that Djokovic was free to leave the detention facility. 

The following Friday, his visa was once again revoked, however, the officials decided they would not deport him till the case was concluded. The following Sunday, his visa was officially canceled and he received a 3 year ban from the country. This means he won’t be able to participate in the Australian Open till 2025, when he will be 37. Being his favourite grand slam, this ban jeopardized his chances to overtake the others and take the title of the ‘GOAT of men’s tennis’. Following this, the French Open also declared he would not be able to participate in the grand slam unless he was vaccinated. In the current light, it also appears that he might not be allowed to participate in the remaining 2 grand slams. All this not only jeopardizes his tennis career, but raises the question, is this the end of Djokovic?

In the Race for Number 7

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by Tara Hebbar

After taking an entire season to move on from the loss of Tom Brady – their star quarterback with whom they bagged all 6 of their Superbowl rings, the New England Patriots seem to have their mojo back. After hearing a lot of things about being no-body without Brady, it’s definitely fair to say that they are in good contention to win their first ring without him. 

Their turn towards the road of success began with their successful draft – where they drafted Mac Jones, a quarterback from Alabama with the 15th overall pick. After letting go of Cam Newton, it became evident that he was going to occupy the Quarterback position full time. They were very lucky here because after watching him play now, every NFL (National Football League) team with the first 14 picks are questioning their choices. After having an extremely successful college football career, Mac Jones did face a rough patch during the practice games and first games of the seasons. As usual the critics were quick to jump count the Patriots out. However, after a few games to settle in with the team, a little magic of the head coach – Bill Belichick and the support of the veterans, Mac Jones now finds himself with a strong chance for rookie of the season. This is a big deal because the competition is huge with names like Trevor Lawrence and Zack Wilson in the pool. In addition to this, he has been attracting a lot of praise from the big names of the NFL. Brett Favre, legendary Quarterback from the Packers went as far as to call him a ‘carbon copy’ of Young Brady. This shows that the Patriots have some real magic when it comes to drafting winners. He has been moving up weekly in the Quarterback ratings, passing and interception ratings and looks like he might even see number 1 in some categories.

Now, not only have their quarterback troubles been sorted, but their defense has been incredible. Even though they weren’t proud of the rushing yards they let on, their defense bullied the top seeded Titans for a win in the last Sunday night football game with classic plays, catching picks, takeaways and interceptions. Head coach Bill Belichiks always been a defense guru, but this year, his defense has done nothing short of traumatising other teams. The fumbles are few and the mumbles of awe are many. The way they are currently playing and handling the ball, it’s very tough to find fault with them.

They are  also really putting out results that are breaking records. They are currently on a 6 win streak, and are on top of the AFC (American Football Conference )  leaderboard. They are also only half a game behind Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in the entire NFL rankings. They also have set a new NFL record for the highest increase in percentage of making the playoffs in a week with their chance of making the playoffs jumping by 18% in just a week. This is one of many statistics that are just backing the fact that the Patriots are really proving that they have a shot at number 7. With their next game against the Bills as Primetime week continues, Mac Jones and the Patriots will continue to be tested. If they continue to play like this though, it’s very likely that they will win their first ring with Tom Brady not in the spotlight. This season has already shown that the Patriots have very possibly found their new Brady, and with Bill Belichick at the forefront, are still a force to be reckoned with. They are currently undoubtedly the hottest team in the NFL, but will this last? 

Premier League Predictions

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by Nirvaan Doshi

In this article I am going to predict the scores for each game on matchday 11 and 12 so let’s get started. The premier league is a football league. There are 20 teams and each team plays against each other two times. 

Matchday 11

1 Southampton vs Aston villa

Score : 1 – 1 Because they both are good

2 Man United vs Man City

Score : 3 – 1 and Man city win.

3 Chelsea vs Burnley

Score : 3 – 0 and Chelsea win.

4 Crystal Palace vs Wolves

Score : 1 – 1 Because they both are good

5 Brentford vs Norwich City

Score : 2 – 0 and Brentford win

6 Brighton vs Newcastle

Score : 2 – 2  Because they both are good

7 Everton vs Tottenham

Score : 1 – 0 and Tottenham win

8 Leeds United vs Leicester City 

Score : 4 – 1 and Leicester city win

9 Arsenal vs watford

Score : 1 – 0 and

10 West Ham vs Liverpool

Score : 3 – 0 and Liverpool win

Matchday 12

1 Leicester City vs Chelsea

Score : 2 – 1 and Leicester City win

2 Newcastle vs Brentford

Score : 1 – 1 Because they both are good

3 Burnley vs Crystal palace 

Score : 2 – 0 and Crystal palace wins

4 Aston villa vs Brighton

Score : 1 – 1 Because they both are good

5 Man United vs watford

Score : 2 – 1 and Man United win

6 Wolves vs West Ham

Score : 2 – 1 and West Ham win

7 Norwich city vs Southamton

Score : 2 – 0 and Southamton win 

8 Liverpool vs arsenal

Score : 2 – 0 and Liverpool win

9 Man City vs Everton

Score : 3 – 0 and Man city win

10 Tottenham vs Leeds United

Score : 2 – 1 and Tottenham win 

Some of the scores might be correct and some might not. So check all the scores and see if my predictions were correct.


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by Shreyan Gorantala

Sunday, the 24th of October 2021 is a day many will talk about for years. Two clubs with so much history amongst them and one of the biggest rivals played against each other. Liverpool was in great form winning their last 4 matches but Manchester United had the home advantage. Fans cheered as the Red devils* walked onto the pitch and booed at the Liverpool players. United was not looking strong though, as in their previous matches United lost 4 – 2, and conceded a lot of goals. Although Manchester had home support, Old Trafford* didn’t expect the result of the fixture. 

Manchester United came up with a promising counter-attack when the ball was played to captain Bruno Fernandes. A golden opportunity to put the Red Devils ahead, but the ball flew over the crossbar and the score remained goalless. Liverpool built up the attack when Jordan Henderson, the captain of Liverpool played a ball through two United players to Mohammed Salah. The Egyptian winger gave a pass finding Naby Keita in the box and the opportunity was captured, as Keita slotted the ball past United keeper David de Gea in the bottom left corner to give the away side the lead. In the 13th minute, It was Mohammed Salah who dribbled the ball and gave a pass to Trent Alexander Arnold. The right wing-back* crossed the ball to Diogo Jota, and the Portuguese striker doubled the lead for Liverpool. 

Liverpool’s Winger Mohammed Salah had the ball again and went for a shot on goal. Harry Maguire, a United defender, blocked the shot and was going outside for a corner. Out of nowhere Naby Keita sprinted to reach the ball and crossed it to the box, hoping it would find somebody. And it did! Mohammed Salah this time hit the ball for the first time and there was nobody to save it and hit the back of the net. United fan’s in disbelief and crying and frustrated by the way Manchester was playing. Meanwhile, Liverpool fans rejoiced and cheered whole-heartedly with the current 3 – 0 score. In added time*, probably the last touch of the half, Liverpool came with one last attack. Firmino passed it to Diogo Jota, who was crowded with three of United’s players, and found Salah open. Salah did not miss the chance and made it 4 – 0 right before halftime. 

When the half-time whistle blew, Manchester United’s players kept their heads down and walked into the dressing room to have a team talk. The fans also had enough of it, and over thousands were seen leaving the stadium in Anger. Many questioned the United Manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, strategies, and playing style. You could see the frustration with the players also playing under Ole. The whistle blew again and the stadium was looking empty, but it was time for the game to resume. As the second half started. 

United had a corner, a chance to get out of the shame and try to come back into the game, but it backfired. The play was stopped with a block from Salah, to find Henderson. The Liverpool Captain carried* the ball and played a through ball* to Salah who ran down the pitch, received the ball , and chipped the ball over De Gea. A 5 -0 score with a hat-trick* and an assist*, in such a big game, for Mohammed Salah, giving him the motivation to do better. United had a chance to make a consultation goal where Cristiano Ronaldo, the new signing, showed his skills and shot the ball into the bottom left corner. It was then revealed offside* and the goal was disallowed. Later on, a dangerous tackle came from substitute* Paul Pogba, as the French midfielder flew for a dangerous tackle and fouled Naby Keita. He was later shown red*, and Pogba hopelessly walked out of the pitch. The United players and fans were glad that the final whistle blew and they did not have to play anymore. 


Red Devils – Manchester United team nickname 

Old Trafford – Manchester United stadium name 

Right wing-back – Position (a person who plays attack and defence but positioned as a defender)

Added time – Etra time with time stopping for injuries

Carried – Dribbling

Through Ball – 

Hat- trick –  Scoring three goals in one game 

Assist – Passing to the player who scored the goal 

Offside – The player is nearer to the opponent’s goal than both the ball and the second-last opponent

Substitute – A player swapping another player during the game. 

Red – Here it means a red card, which Means that you cannot play this game and the next and the team has 1 player down. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Transfer’s

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by Rishab Ghai

In this article, I am going to be talking about Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfers! Let me tell you about the G.O.A.T. This man started playing in 2003 and is playing to date [2021]!

Now without further ado let’s start with all of his transfers! The golden year, 2003. Ronaldo joined the club Manchester United to kick start his football career. He played there for 6 years. A normal player in 2003, after 6 years one of football’s greatest players. Manchester United used to pay him $14 million just when he was 16 years old. After playing for 6 years in Man Utd, Real Madrid F.C. decided to sign Ronaldo for $35 million. This was one of the best moves Madrid could have done, Ronaldo did everything for them and brought a whole new skill level! Ronaldo had scored 450 goals for Real Madrid. Rephrase? The La Liga top scorer was also Ronaldo! After playing for Real Madrid for 5 years Ronaldo got an invite from the Italian club called Juventus, who signed him for $117.90 million! He played over there for 3 years and scored a total of 234 goals in one term! This time no other team signed him but where he started his career here he might end it there, it was Manchester United F.C. who signed him for $15 million euros!

Now a question I have for you is which team do you think Ronaldo might go next in? Or when will he end his career!

What the Australia Series says about Indian Women’s Cricket

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by Tara Hebbar

Breaking the fortress of Gabba, or breaking the Australian’s 27 ODI win streak. These two wins for both teams respectively are both historic and equally important in the scheme of things for the cricketing world. However, ask any Indian layman, they’ll be able to tell you the score of Rishab Pant in that match, but very few will even know about the feat of the Indian Women’s team. Although women’s cricket has come a long way and has taken the long and winding road to where it is today, the fact of the matter is – the achievements of the mens and womens team are similar, however, the attention, prestige and recognition is on two ends of the same spectrum.

With a drawn test match, lost ODI and one day series, one would assume that the Indian Women would go back disappointed. However, their small and historic successes should amount to some celebration for the contingent. The first factor is gender neutral – the Australian pitch, which is always discussed with the wary tone of dread. In the past, Indians have always had trouble when it comes to the Australian pitches due to the extra bounce and other conditions which are paradoxes to the flat Indian pitches. For this reason, many commentators and sports analysts had written the Indian women off before they set foot in the down under. Although based on precedent, many players like left-handed opener Smriti Mandana, veteran pacer Jhulan Goswami and re-discovered talented allrounder Sneh Rana showed that they are class cricket players on any pitch. Therefore, even the draw in the test and one win in the ODI format shows the versatility, hard-work and talent of the team. With top-ranked teams like the Kiwi’s and Proteas being unable to beat the Australians in the ODI format, it was the Indian girls who broke this and proved to the world that they are a force to be reckoned with. 

In addition to these pitches, there’s the very unfortunate fact that there is no domestic season for Indian Women in cricket and therefore, during the lockdown period and the time subsequent to it, the cricket played by the players was minimal. They had to get their cricket going from smaller series and foreign tournaments like the Big Bash and Hundred. This is extremely disheartening because of the focus that the BCCI (Board of Cricket Control in India) gives to the men’s end of the game. The men have access to not only the Ranjhi, but so many other domestic leagues (like the Hazare trophy, etc.), never giving the players; both capped and uncapped, a chance to lose touch with the game. In addition to this, there was so much planning, investment and time given to the IPL, with the effort taken to relocate it and get players back. With the women’s game, however, no such effort was made from the beginning. This divided attention to one gendered area of the sport by our nation’s cricketing body is highly disappointing. In spite of this negligence, lack of practice, long quarantine the contingent was able to play their best and prove themselves in all formats of the game. Although the money in the mens game is more, the sport and abilities are the same, therefore, the importance that needs to be given has to be the same too.

This Australian series has shown that Indian Women’s cricket has come a long way, and that we have to have pride in our nation’s team and it’s abilities. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s all positive. It must also be used as an opportunity to reflect on the divide in attention, resources and investment by the BCCI which continues to spend exorbitant sums of money on the men’s game and only sparing a very small fraction of that for the women, although they’re achievements can be matched to the men’s. With the correct funding, more attention and equality, there’s no saying how far our team can go. The girls have the talent, they have the skills, all they need now is the platform, opportunity and encouragement, which currently is lacking.  This series should serve as an eye-opener for all sports fans and the BCCI, reminding them that the women’s game is as interesting as the men’s and therefore demands the same investment, which could just propel and catapult the team to win all three series the next Australian tour.  On a positive note, however, it should serve as a reminder that with some time and patience, everything builds up and a once neglected and mocked half of the sport is now setting ablaze the group with every match they play.

Steps Toward Gender Equality Through The Olympic Games

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by Amaara Bhupathi Chadda

Steps Toward Gender Equality Through The Olympic Games

Among the various causes for gender discrimination over the ages, one that remains and we need to consistently recognise and alter is our societal mindset. A big contributor to the change in this collective mindset is Sport. 

The world connects through sport in different ways – starting from our playgrounds as children, to having it be recreational as adults, some even choosing to take it up professionally as a career, or just enjoying and connecting through watching our favourite sports players or teams battle it out in various tournaments or events.

The Olympic Games is the biggest and most connecting platform in Sport, bringing together almost all nations of the World to a single venue to play for honour and glory for their countries. 

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was born in 1894 and the first Olympics was held in 1896, with no women participants!

Women were first invited to participate in 1900 in Women’s only events in Tennis and Golf, and some women participating in the Croquet, Equestrian and Sailing events. The total representation of women was 2.2% with just 22 ladies in 1900. We’ve come a long way from there having had 45% representation with 5,059 women having participated in 145 Women’s Events (which is 47.4% of the total 306 events) in 2016 Games at Rio. Getting even closer to the Olympic Movement’s target of 50% women participation, we can expect to see 48.8% representation from women athletes at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. There are 5 new sports introduced at the Tokyo Olympics – Baseball/Softball, Karate, Skateboarding, Sports Climbing, Surfing – all of which include men and women participation, and contributing to the bringing about a completely gender-equal participation at the Olympics!

In addition to the positive trends in participation of women in Sport, the Olympic Movement also has consistently laid focus on women representation in decision-making positions in governing bodies. In 1981, the first two women were hired to be part of the IOC. The first woman on the IOC executive board was elected as recently as 1990. Progress through the years with women’s participation in decision making saw 3 IOC women Vice-Presidents, and all leading up to a stronger representation on the board today with four women members at 26.7% of the total.

A target of 30% women’s representation by 2020 had been achieved with 36 women out of a 100 active committee members contributing to the growth of the Olympic Games, as of January 2020.

In the latest big move to bring in gender equality across countries that may not have sent women athletes to the Olympics in the past, in March 2020 the Committee’s Executive Board put in place two key requirements for the Olympics starting with Tokyo this year – one of which is mandatory representation by at least one female and one male athlete at all Olympic Games henceforth, and the second which is a guideline change to include one female and one male representative to jointly bear their country’s flag at the Opening Ceremony. 

The commitment of the Olympic Movement towards gender equality is instrumental in worldwide progress on the cause, and also in encouraging separate Sporting committees to take up the cause at the level of their sport, all the way down to the grassroots level of participation of girls in sport at a very young age. We can do our bit to encourage women in sport by learning and participating ourselves, including our mothers, sisters and wives in the fun and excitement of sport, and also by watching the women at the Olympics with as much appreciation as we do the men!


Factsheet: Women in the Olympic Movement –


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by Ira Gandhi

From Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi all the way to Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, tennis rivalries have been one of the most interesting parts of tennis and its history. In addition, rivalries have helped tennis maintain its position as one of the most popular sports in the world. With this in mind, let’s dive deep into the history of tennis and look at the top 5 tennis rivalries of all time! ( In a random order)

Laver – 11 Grand Slams

Rosewall – 8 Grand Slams

One of  the very first and biggest rivalries of tennis history from 1963 to 1977 were Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall, both of whom were from Australia and grew up playing on grass. They went head to head 164 times but sadly most of those matches were before the open era began. Furthermore, out of those 164 matches Laver won 89 while Rosewall, only 75. In 1956 both of them toured in the amateur circuit but didn’t face each other.  They were known as two of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Grand slams

McEnroe -7 Grand Slams

 Connors -8 Grand Slams

Secondly we have John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors who before Sampras and Agassi were the top tennis duo. They were very alike with their hot tempers, love for the spotlight, ability to amaze the crowd, and never say never attitudes. However even though they were very alike they detested one another on court. Connors was on the upper hand in their rivalry until he lost 11 matches in a row to McEnroe between 1983 and 1986! Many say their fiercest battle was in the 1984 US Open semi-final which turned out to be their last match in a grand slam men’s singles tournament.

Grand slams

Sampras -14 Grand Slams

Agassi- 8 Grand Slams

Our third tennis duo is the great Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi who got to the scene just as McEnroe and Connors were fading and just in time to re-establish USAs role in men’s tennis. Their different styles of play, combinations and personalities is a big part of  what makes them great rivals and  catches the audience’s eye. Sampras had the upper hand in this rivalry. He had the better head-to-head record overall as well as in Slams (6-3). As mentioned before their personalities were one of the main things that made them different. Agassi was the wild one, with crazy hair, earrings and flashy outfits. Sampras was the simple and stoic one who rarely made the news.

Grand slams

Nadal – 20-Grand Slams

Federer – 30 – Grand Slams

Coming to the present day  we have the Federer – Nadal rivalry which has many parts but is mostly due to how different they are as people similar to Sampras and Agassi. Fedrer is calm and collected on court and mostly keeps a poker face while Nadal on the other hand is like a nearsighted rhino. He changed the game by showing such a kind of power and athleticism it hadn’t seen before. Another aspect of their rivalry is that Nadal is a lefty and Federer a righty making the leftys shots mirror images of the rightys. Overall their rivalry is definitely considered to be one of the greatest and is a tennis gamechanger.

Grand slams

Djokovic- 19 -Grand Slams

 Federer- 20 – Grand Slams

Lastly we have Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer who are two of the greatest hard court players of all time, and have made some of the most fascinating matches in tennis history. While Federer was off, defeating others like Lleyton Hewitt and David Nalbandian, it was Djokovic who climbed up the ranks and placed himself on top. As far as scores go federer was alway just a little higher up until 2010 when in the coming 5 years djokovic evened things up by winning 16 of their 25 meets. By far Federer has only beaten Djokovic once, and has been ageing, giving the latter more opportunities for the future.

Tennis would be incomplete without the rivalries that went into it. It’s safe to say that the new generation and talent has a lot to bring so all we have to do is sit back and watch. 

For more information on these rivalries visitthis link.

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